Ugly Shyla (uglyshyla) wrote in puppet_blood,
Ugly Shyla

New Mini Doll Photo Prints on my Etsy.

Ugly Art ATC/ACEO Mini Prints on my etsy shop
.If you have no idea what the hell a ATC or ACEO is
you can visit this link.If you don't have a etsy account and wish to purchase something I have listed on etsy just drop me a line about what you want with your paypal e-mail addy and I'll send you a invoice.
I'm selling some mini prints of some of my doll photographs.While they are not true ACEO because they are 4x6 inches instead of the standard 2x5 inch size.
I only have them up on my etsy shop right now because I want to see if people are into them or not before I go through the trouble of putting them up on my website.
They are a wonderful affordable way to own some of my work.
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