Ugly Shyla (uglyshyla) wrote in puppet_blood,
Ugly Shyla

Jobs Tear Black Holy Cross Priest Doll Necklace

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I get request from allot of guys asking me to make some more masculine type designs.So this necklace is great for a guy or a girl.
All of my jewelry is hand made with vintage and or found components,making each a one of a kind work of art!
The little priest is hand cast,hand glazed and hand fired,so you can't get these anywhere else.The priest is glazed in black and white glaze.The necklace also features a silver toned crucifix with wood inlay,a virgin Mary rosary pendant with a Jobs Tear seed hanging off of it.Here in Louisiana we believe that if you hold a Job's tear seed and make a wish it will grant your wish.The seeds are called Job's Tears because they are believed to be the tears Job *in the bible* cried.
MEASUREMENTS: The whole necklace is 12 1/2 from end to end,the chain is about 9 inches and the priest doll is around 1 1/2 inches.
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